About Us


JEWEL GANG was started by a Navy veteran, who currently works in cybersecurity. She is a mom of four and a spouse to a military member. Her love for fashion and the desire for it to look and feel effortless has mixed with the desire to mentor and educate people about the importance of women, specifically women of color in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). 

JEWEL GANG hopes to enlighten and educate girls on how cool STEM can be and how STEM relates to everything including jewelry— from gems, to precious metals, and how jewelry is made. 

JEWEL GANG provides vintage, preloved/preowned, and new jewelry. JEWEL GANG also offers exclusive, independent brand jewelry and accessories curated by the owner of JEWEL GANG. All jewelry is sold in limited quantities. 

Each year JEWEL GANG will gather all of its customers purchases and take 5%  of their yearly profit and donate to non-profits who specialize in educating children in STEM. Eventually, JEWEL GANG would like to use a portion of its profit to host robotics workshops and camps for girls of color.