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Hey fellow #jeweladdicts and #jewelgang,

Our mission

Our mission is to encourage women and girls to express themselves, while becoming better versions of themselves. Jewelry and accessories can not only alter an outfit, but also enhance vibes, boost confidence, set trends, be unique and tailored to one’s liking. We also want to hopefully one day host workshops and camps for girls of color to grow their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). In general, education is not equal. Many kids of color do not receive the same access to education as other kids. Change starts with us! By us, I mean you (reading this blog post) and myself (writing this blog post).

My mission

My name is Erika aka E and I am the CEO of JEWEL GANG. I am a woman of color. I am a black woman. Although I am seen as black woman, my mother is of Asian/pacific islander decent. I am also a wife and mother. In my mind and for my family structure, they go hand in hand. They both take a lot of my energy and I know how easy it is to let motherhood and marriage consume you and for you to lose yourself.  Not only am I a wife, but I am a military wife. As a military wife, life can change at a moment’s notice. Lastly, I am a navy veteran and currently work in the cybersecurity field. Working in cybersecurity has opened my eyes to many opportunities and consequently the need for change. We need more women in this field. We definitely need more women of color!

As JEWEL GANG became the top decision for the new name. I sat and thought endlessly on my purpose for this store. I don’t just want to sell jewelry. That isn’t my goal. My goal is to make an impact, no matter how minute my contribution may be. So here we are: 

The plan

We will provide jewelry choices that embodies a multifaceted woman. As that is how I see myself and will raise my daughters to be. I currently like pieces that a person can create and tailor to their liking. Our jewelry will always be priced accordingly and of good quality. Anything I sell, I wear! In my blog posts, I plan to not only answer a lot of your jewelry questions, but also share my knowledge on everything stated above and things that work for me, my family and friends, that may work for you as well.

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Thank you for reading!



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