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Black Lives Matter

I’ve gotten tags from other black women about being a black woman and/or sharing stories of being black in America. Here is my response: I identify with and embrace black culture. I love my "black features". They make me who I am.

I remember being w/ my friend who was also black and denied tattoos because we were black. I remember I used to get made fun of because of how big my nose is, how big my lips are and the discoloration that I have on them and my gums. Yes, I’ve been made fun of every part of me that were my “black features”. I remember being the only black child in kindergarten, when my mom & dad were sent on deployment. As an adult, working in cybersecurity, I’ve had “other” people look at me weird, question my credentials, and knowledge because they didn’t feel I was as educated and experienced as them. I’ve been given looks of disgust by white folks. I’ve been followed in stores. Being black in America means we have to work twice as hard and still be treated less than. Being a black woman in America means having to speak up several times to have your voice heard, while also making sure you do not display “the black girl” attitude.

While I’ve met many wonderful white people, there is NO denying the privilege white people have. Honestly, as an adult I never felt more alienated than when we moved to Ohio. It’s sad to have to live in a predominantly white area to provide our kids with a good education. It’s even more sad when black kids as young as 9 years old are aware their communities don’t have equal access to education or even healthier food options. It makes me out right angry how insensitive some people can be and sometimes it’s literally because they don’t know any better.  In the military there were white people that have never interacted with black people until they joined the military. So it’s safe to say that some folks are raised with no worldly experience. They only care about their own community and family. It’s also safe to say there are people who are aware of their ignorance, but see nothing wrong with it. Then there are people, who unfortunately simply make excuses for the racism they exhibit.

I truly believe change is coming! Black Lives Matter is not a FAD. We are tired and will only accept equal treatment and justice for the black community.




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